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Managing Repos

An ArrayLake Repo is a repository for your array data. All the data in a Repo are tracked as part of a shared single version history. Within a Repo, data can easily be moved, renamed, deleted, and updated in a non-destructive way. Moving data from one Repo to another, however, requires a copy to be made.

Create a Repo

If you're just getting started, you probably only need one Repo for your entire organization (see Organizations and Access for more detail). For the purposes of this example, our org name will be earthmover. If running these commands interactively, replace earthmover with your org name.

For this example, we are going to create a Repo called ocean to hold oceanography data 🌊.

arraylake repo create earthmover/ocean

Open a Repo

If you're working in Python, you can open a Repo and start interacting with your data.

repo = client.get_repo("earthmover/ocean")

List Repos

You can list repos associated with an organization.

arraylake repo list earthmover

Delete a Repo

Finally, we can delete a repo.


Deleting a repo cannot be undone! Use this operation carefully.

arraylake repo delete earthmover/ocean