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👋 Welcome to Arraylake

Arraylake is a data lake platform for managing multidimensional arrays and metadata in the cloud.

Here's how our documentation is organized:

  • Quick Start - If your organization is already signed up for Arraylake and you just want to get started fast, follow this guide.
  • Concepts - These pages provide a conceptual overview of what Arraylake does and how it works. You'll find a general overview of Arraylake's major features, an explanation of the Arraylake data model, a deep dive into Arraylake's transaction and version control system, and a growing list of best practices.
  • Tutorial - This tutorial will guide you through all of the important features of Arraylake. After working through the tutorial, you should be ready to use Arraylake for your own projects.
  • Integrations - See how Arraylake integrates with different storage and compute providers.
  • API Reference - Comprehensive reference documentation about Arraylake's API: Client, Repo
  • Changelog - A log of updates to Arraylake.

Arraylake Support


Open a GitHub issue for any questions, bug reports, or feature requests.


Join our Community slack to connect with other users and ask casual questions.