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Cloudflare R2

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Cloudflare R2 is an object storage service that stores data in Cloudflare's edge network and has no egress charges. Arraylake works great with Cloudflare R2 via the S3-compatible API. You can use Cloudflare R2 as the location of your Chunkstore.

To use Cloudflare R2 with Arraylake:

  • Create a new object storage bucket (Cloudflare docs). For example, the bucket could be named my-arraylake-bucket.
  • Find your Cloudflare account ID (available in the Cloudflare Dashboard). For example, this could be a string like cab3937k17x81138v8xx228kd789d8d3.
  • Create a new BucketConfig to store the configuration for this bucket using either the Arraylake Python client or web app:
CloudFlare bucket configuration

Add a new CloudFlare bucket

That's it! You're ready to create a Repository! 🎉