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Wasabi Cloud Storage

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Wasabi Cloud Storage is a performant, cost-effective alternative to the major cloud providers. Arraylake works great with Wasabi Cloud Storage via the S3-compatible API. You can use Wasabi Cloud Storage as the location of your Chunkstore.

To use Wasabi Cloud Storage with Arraylake:

  • Create a new object storage bucket (Wasabi docs). For example, the bucket could be named my-arraylake-bucket. Your bucket will be located in a specific Wasabi region. You need to know the region name for the next step (e.g. us-east-1).

  • Create a new BucketConfig to store the configuration for this bucket using either the Arraylake Python client or web app:

Wasabi bucket configuration

Add a new Open Wasabi

That's it! You're ready to create a Repository! 🎉