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Open Storage Network

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Open Storage Network (OSN) is an object storage solution aimed at the scientific research community. OSN "pods" are owned and operated by research labs and universities. Arraylake works great with Open Storage Network via the S3-compatible API. You can use Open Storage Network as the location of your Chunkstore.

To use Open Storage Network with Arraylake:

  • Obtain an allocation on OSN by contacting a specific OSN site. Your OSN sponsor will provide you with a bucket name and the S3 endpoint URL. For this example we will assume that the bucket name is my-arraylake-bucket.

  • Create a new BucketConfig to store the configuration for this bucket using either the Arraylake Python client or web app:

Open Storage Network bucket configuration

Add a new Open Storage Network Bucket

That's it! You're ready to create a Repository! 🎉